ManCave Metal – AXPONA 2013

Man Cave Metal LoudSpeakers AXPONA 2013

I have heard of custom speakers before, but nothing quite like this has ever graced my audiophile path.  Upon entering AXPONA this year, convention goers are greeted with a complete custom build pair of speakers from Larry of the appropriately-named ManCave Metals.  This very Terminator 2-inspired piece of art was unlike anything I had seem before at a high end audio show.  Built completely from the ground up, the shoulder-high piece of art completely caught my attention on the way in.  It’s new-metal-meets-Tim-Burton flair was an interesting twist in an age when even steampunk style has quietly edged it way into high end audio [RMAF 2012].

Man Cave Metal Wide With Larry

As if they just recently returned from a gunfight, the weaponized cabinet even features real bullet slugs embedded in the back.  But this exhibit is not a mere exercise in form over function.  Larry’s creation comes fully equipped with Legacy proprietary drivers.  Legacy also had a helping hand in the installation of said drivers, so even though they weren’t available for a listen, I’m sure they can function as more than just a conversation starter.

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