Joseph Audio Announces Updates To His Pulsar and Perspective Loudspeakers – AXPONA 2019

Joseph Audio Pulsar 2 Graphene and Perspective 2 Graphene.

I bet if I could get all the attendees for the three days of Axpona in one room and asked who likes Joseph Audio speakers over 95% would raise their hands.

I can still remember the first time I heard the Pulsar’s a number of years ago at another show… and could not find my socks.  You first notice the bass – which is jaw dropping good – especially considering the physical restrictions of the case’s real estate. After the bass, you slowly come to realize that it’s a complete package… just a beautiful sounding speaker. The good news for the greater audiophile crowd is his unrelenting pursuit to introduce even better sound doesn’t stop with any of his major successes.

He has done it again with the Perspective 2 Graphene.  This is a 2-way 36-inch high floor stander equipped with two 5.5 inches Graphene/Magnesium woofers and a 1-inch Sonatex Dome tweeter.  He describes the crossover as an “Asymmetrical Infinite Slope” which means he optimizes the transition between the drivers, allowing them to overlap without acoustically interfering with the other drivers in the system.

Jeff played for me first the Pulsar2 Graphene and then the Perspective2 Graphene.  As good as the Pulsar is, the floorstander Perspective was just a little bit better. How Jeff keeps making intuitive, tight sounding speakers is astonishing.  The mids and highs are even smoother and more refined, and the bass is just as amazing as I remembered it to be.

The speakers at the show were supported by Jeff Rowland Amps and Pre-Amps. Sources were VPI HW40, Fatboy with an Audio Technica ART 1000 cartridge, and an Aurender A10 Network Music Server dishing out Qobuz.  The icing on the cake for me was was Jeff’s vintage Technics RS1500 open reel tape with the Doshi Audio Tape Stage. 

by Paul Elliott