JH Audio Wants To Help You Help Yourself – NAMM 2018

If you are a true audiophile you owe it to yourself to pick a pair of earplugs. Hearing loss is permanent (for now) and almost all listeners loose the top end of the frequency spectrum as they age. There is no enforcement of volume levels for concerts and show producers can essentially set a SPL that is massively unhealthy for even short periods of exposure without penalty. For those who want to retain some semblance of  frequency response during use, JH Audio has recently joined the list of options for hearing protection with new product designed to retain as much of the original information as possible.

Like other non-foam, musician options, the new JH new earplugs offer a 10, -15, -20, and -25 swappable filter wrapped into a custom-molded silicon base. While brightly colored cheapies will work with some finessing, a custom molds pop in and out in seconds and seals like a charm. If you attend any amplified live performances, this is a near requirement. The new JH Filtered Earplugs are available now on the company site starting at $150. If the company already has your molds on file, the purchase is just a mouse click away.

Any fan of custom IEMs knows that over a long enough timeline, the chance that a driver hole will get clogged with wax becomes almost 100%. Now JH offers a In Ear Survival Kit that cleans far beyond the wire loop that is included with most high-end custom pieces. Originally constructed for stage technicians, roadies and live performers, the kit includes a cable connection tester (for both 2 and 4 plug JH designs) a stethoscope (so you can listen to someone else’s ears without jamming them in your own), and the Jodie Vac Pro (to suck out pieces that have fallen too far down a tube). A good pair of customs is usually a significant investment, so keeping them tip top condition just makes sense. The total package including the carrying case is set to debut at $699 and should be shipping in the next few weeks. For those interested in just the Jodie Vac, JH also recently launched a simplified consumer version for $100 back in October.

More info: JH Audio