HyperX Cloud Orbit Gaming Headphones – CanJam SoCal 2019

HyperX at CanJam SoCal 2019

Baron Lee of HyperX was showing the Cloud Orbit ($299 USD) and Could Orbit S ($329 USD) gaming headphones that uses an Audeze 100mm planar magnetic driver, but with their own unique voicing and feature sets. Designed for E-Sports and professional console gaming, these are durable models that do run cooler than most I’ve encountered and are very comfortable on the head.

The HyperX Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S models are both wired only gaming headphones. Of course that lack of Bluetooth in both models sets them apart from the Audeze Mobius in one respect. Connections on the Orbit models are USB-C on the input, and the microphone boom is removable for casual listening needs.

The voicing of the HyperX Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S is the same, both include Waves 3-D Spatial Sound Shaping technology, but where they differ from each other is that the Cloud Orbit S adds head-tracking for thirty dollars more.

My time with the listening with the HyperX Cloud Orbits did allow me to press-and-scroll through all seven of the preinstalled EQ presets, and for my ears all of them seemed pleasing and would likely all be usable depending on source material. None of them I would choose to remove, if given the power. 

by Eric Franklin Shook

Cloud Orbit gaming headphones