Drop (formerly Massdrop) Partners with Fostex for a New T50RP Kit

Drop + Fostex T-XO II

For those familiar with the headphone modding scene, there is no bigger establishment than the one surrounding the Fostex T50RP planar magnetic headphone. The low barrier of entry for the studio-oriented headphone has paved the way for personal audio startups like MrSpeakers and ZMF Headphones along with a massive online community dedicated to tweaking every dark corner of the can.

The equally large online community surrounding the group-buying club Drop is also in for a treat on the mod front with a new product called Drop + Fostex T-XO II. Based around the T50RP, the signature has been rejiggered to “clean up the bass and midrange” and comes fully featured with two sets of ear pads and damping foam to adjust the response to your heart’s delight.

Fostex T50RP Damping.

Swapping earpads and adjusting damping material has become more commonplace in recent years, with several manufacturer either offering different options included or available after the fact. Having experimented a bit with both variables, I can tell you the changes can be either nuanced or dramatic, but fun to toy with if you into customization of that color.

The pre order phase is currently in full swing and the launch date for the Drop + Fostex T-XO II is June 18. The headphone hits the store in November for a retail price of $220. Special launch pricing is set at $180, which expires on July 18.

Fostex T50RP ear pads