Counting Crows Reissue A Three Album Limited Run of 180-Gram Vinyl

If you haven’t taken a deep look into the Counting Crows debut album August and Everything After now may be the time. The band has decided to rerelease a series of three of their albums on color coded 180 gram vinyl. The partnership appears to be exclusive to The Sound of Vinyl and is slated to ship on November 16 of this year.

The introspective August and Everything After isn’t the perfect album for every mood, but if melancholy and the longing for love is on your mind, then this collection of 11 tracks just might be your huckleberry. The lyrics flow like poetry and instrumentation is collectively right on the mark, laid down in the studio before a time where electronic sounds and samples dominated the airwaves. Though a certain lens, it was probably one of the last times the public heard either the mandolin or accordion come anywhere near the mainstream.

The preceding Recovering The Satellites has some of the remnants of the magic of that first album and also worth a listen, but AAEA is one of the few albums that set a tone and broke from the norm during the early 90s. There is a story buried in there, and the music stands strong from the first note to the last, a sad reminder to modern day music that the idea of the album is dead. Long live the stream.

Preorder is currently up and available direct from The Sound Of Vinyl for $34.98 for Orange and Green, $29.98 for the Blue Somewhere Under Wonderland. It is a limited edition run so interested parties might want to move before vinyl-loving Gen X’ers get one crossed off their holiday shopping lists.

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