Campfire Audio Shows Off Two New Earphones – CanJam SoCal 2019

Two new IEM’s join the lineup from Campfire Audio. Showing for the first time at CanJam SoCal 2019, were the new IO and Polaris models. Conveniently positioned next to each other for photography, however inconveniently positioned at the booth for those looking to elbow their way in for a listen. Let’s just say that end of the booth was getting way too much attention. New IEM’s from Campfire could stand to have their own booth with stanchions, a waiting list, and a few punters. 

Campfire Audio Polaris

To start, the new Polaris ($499 USD) is a dynamic-hybrid that emphasized the mid-and-low frequencies — in other words — it was built for hip-hop and EDM. The Polaris uses a single balanced armature for the highs, and a single 9.2mm dynamic driver for the lower frequencies.

The IO ($299 USD) is also a hybrid design but on the other hand has a tuning that is closer to what we call “flat” across the frequency range, but still with that Campfire character we all know and love so well. Both models feature a full CNC build, and stainless spout. The IO specifically is built with the TEAC high-frequency box for the highs.

Campfire IO and Polaris

During my two seperate listens I found them both to be exciting in varying ways, even with the same music playing. It think owning both would cover a lot of ground depending not only on my genre of choice and mood, but my environment as well. The dialed up tuning of the Polaris is one of those IEM’s that can’t be listened to passively. It’s captivating even at low volumes. I didn’t expect that to be the case when the more flat IO at low volumes seems to snap up less of my attention. 

by Eric Franklin Shook

Campfire Audio at CanJam SoCal 2019