Black Sabbath Releases New Box Set With MQA Files

Black Sabbath is gearing up to release a new vinyl box set due out September 29th. In addition to offering the first 8 Sabbath albums (all feature Ozzy as the frontman),”10 Year War” will include a USB cross necklace filled with MQA files of the same.

The limited edition set will pack in a bunch of other Black Sabbath nicknacks in addition to “8 vinyl LPs meticulously reproduced in their original sleeves, re-mastered by renowned mastering engineer Andy Pearce from the original tapes and pressed on 180 gram splatter-coloured vinyl, each LP with unique and individual colouring.”

Each set will be individually numbered and will no doubt be a cool find for any fan of the band, but hard MQA files are a bit of a nice collectable bonus in this case – a tasty cherry on top. And while metal enthusiasts don’t frequent public showings of the audiophile stripe very often, I have run across more than a few in other settings out in the wild. If you find yourself as one of the these individuals who hit the center overlap of this Venne diagram, well, this is definitely the audiophile equivalent of a Dark Side of the Moon reissue. Hit the links below for all the preorder info.

4 thoughts on “Black Sabbath Releases New Box Set With MQA Files

  • sounded interesting until I read MQA file…only interesting if FLAC or equivalent.

    • Hey Jim, MQA is a tech which is wrapped in either a FLAC or WAV container. So the files on the drive are most likely FLAC.

      • so long as they would be playable by anything which plays FLAC or WAV…that would be ok

        • Yes, they’ll play just like WAV or FLAC, it’s backwards compatible.

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