Black Is The New Black – The Campfire Andromeda Gets A Special Limited Edition Run

Campfire Audio Limited Edition Black IEM

It should come with no surprise that the Andromeda from Campfire Audio is still one of my favorite universal fit IEMs on the market. The rich overall tone and snappy response has made it a standout not only within Campfire’s ever-growing lineup of products, but for the greater congested market of earphones as well.

Upon perusal of the morning inbox today it looks as if founder Ken Ball and the guys at Campfire decided to something very special to bring the headliner back into the mix. While the original designated color for the Andromeda model was green, a special limited number edition will come to us all August 20th… now covered in jet black and 24k gold-plated fasteners. Each piece will be individually numbered – a nice touch – and come with a unique smoky litz jacket cable. A svelte black leather case is also included for transportation to and fro.

Smoky Litz cable

A bit of a surprise is a small adaptation to the original driver arrangement, the green machine included a 5 balanced armature setup, while the new SE includes 7. Two addition bass drivers have been added to “provide more weight and depth to the low frequency delivery.”

The LE Black & Gold edition of the Andromeda will retail for $1,299 ($200 more than the current price of the green version), preorders available on the company site now.