Beyerdynamic Xelento IEM and Custom Game Headphones – NAMM 2017

Beyerdynamic has always offered a diverse selection of personal listening devices (and pro audio gear) but the cache of upcoming releases will push the boundaries of their current offerings even further. The new universal-fit IEM called Xelento will retail for around a grand when it releases mid March.

The new flagship will ship with a large selection of tips and two silver-plated removable cables, one with phone controls and one for the audiophile purists (no controls). The Xelento utilizes a single dynamic driver and will be made in Germany, where the company is based. The new high-end IEM highlights a growing trend in personal audio where items over $1000 are growing increasingly common – and selling well. The lion’s share of Beyerdynamics In-Ears up to this point landed in the $200 or under range, so the move for a higher end audiophile appeal is within this growing market clearly a sign of intent from the mic-and-headphone company.

In an effort to continue the outward growth, Beyer is also releasing a new gaming headphone based around their successful Custom One Pro headphone that launched a few years back. Dubbed the Custom Game, the new headset will launch mid March with a $209 MSRP attached. Also attached to the headphone will be a removable boom mic and full compatibility with both PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Like the original Custom One, the headphone will feature adjustable bass via a 4 step slider located on the rim of the ear cup. The new headphone lands mid tier for the gaming-centric headphones from the company. The flagship $349 MMX 300 will also get a slight revision within in the next few months. More in the video embed below.



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