Beyerdynamic Releases 2 New Flagship Headphones, Wireless and Gaming

Beyerdynamic T1 third generation. G3. gen 3. v3. T5 v3.

Beyerdynamic is moving into its third generation of their Tesla flagship T1 open and T5 closed headphones. Costing an even $1k a piece, the T1 & T5 have long stayed at the forefront of flagship offerings for audiophiles, alongside the many more production-style >$500 headphones seen very often in recording studios across the US.

The CES 2021 press release was a little light on the details for what exactly has changed for the feature set for the two new flagships, but the company website now reads “T1 is a gently intensified bass to give the very neutral, spatial sound signature even more warmth.” While the T5 product page now offers up this: “The third-generation T5 achieves better, more natural reproduction of high mid-range frequencies. This means the sound signature is even more realistic.”

Progress is progress, even if the changes are more sonic and less cosmetic at times. The focus for all the products featured in the CES window is squarely aimed at working, creating or learning from home. It appears, amidst a pandemic, everyone is an artist of some type. But for everyone who lives through such trying times, being creative can be an amazing outlet, and what better way to share information and feel connected than having something that forces you to tap into that very idea on a regular schedule.

Beyerdynamic’s wireless effort is called the Amiron and retails for $599. It offers sound personalization in for the form of Beyer’s MOSAYC. The Active Noise Cancelling headphone from the German company is the Lagoon ($259, Explorer version). A new firmware option was just announced that adds “Sidetone, improves audibility of one’s voice on the phone or VoIP enabling users to hear themselves better. The Equalizer feature includes preset equalizer profiles or the ability to adjust the music setting to the user’s specific preferences.”

Along with the MMX300 gaming headphone ($299), three new bundles have been introduced for streaming which include the Team TYGR with the TYGR 300 R for $299, the Creator Pro with the DT770 PRO for $249 and the Creator 24 for $199. All packages include the USB FOX microphone along with the headphones.

More info: Beyerdynamic