AXPONA here we come!


Yes indeed, its that time of year again where we done our favorite light jacket and head to the windy city for the mid-west’s biggest audio show.

This year promises to be even bigger than the previous two, with more loudspeaker demo rooms and a larger personal audio section which AXPONA calls Ear Gear Expo (EGX).  Tyll from InnerFidelity will also be there, delivering a new seminar for him called Finding Flat: How to Interpret Headphone Measurements in which he will fly solo on the “panel” where he will explain how to interpret all the fancy headphone measurements he has on his site.

Instead of attempting to recreate all the new product launches here, I will direct you to AXPONA’s site where a ton of useful information is available.

[New Product Launches]


[Live Music & Concerts]


Yes, AXPONA will have some official concerts this year in addition to the live music that peppers the Westin O’hare show floor. Friday night features Jazz Musician Patricia Barber and Saturday night will host Chicago blues artist John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band.

We are super excited for the first big loudspeaker show of the season, expect tons of coverage to flood the site in the next few days. The big show starts on Friday and last until Sunday so I’m going to have to hit the treadmill hard today to make up for all the deep dish pizza and Garret’s popcorn I am about to consume. In case I run out of  treats, there is always this crazy list of Chicago native opportunities to take advantage of:

See you on central time!

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  • Grrrreat! Keep it coming Sir!

  • Check out the Emerald Physics room (no. 434), They’re running a tri-amped 2.3 with the new PSAudio amp. Need some feedback!

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