AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH, Ferrari Consulting – Florida 2019

The featured new product of the AVM and Ferrari Consulting exhibit was the new AVM A8.3 integrated with removable tube line-stage ($17,350 USD). The A8.3 is an all solid-state affair with two modular options; a tone control circuit, and vacuum tube circuit. These options can be dealer or factory installed, but I imagine that a few industrious owners might take a shot at swapping them in and out of the signal. Maybe.

The A8.3 shares much in common with the PA8.2 modular preamp which is active in the main system of AVM’s two-room exhibit. However the preamplifier includes a phono-stage and DAC along with the modular tone control circuit, and vacuum tube circuit options.

AVM gear is stunning to look at, and with all capable players involved, such as Raidho’s D2.1 speakers, the entire ensemble provides an equally stunning listen. The new integrated might be the most interesting thing to come from AVM this year. So much trusted technology in one box at one simple price, and with modular customization. It soon seems like the $17,350 USD asking price, should be compared to a full rack of separates when compared to options elsewhere.

AVM – R5.3 Turntable – $7,750 USD (with a Hana cartridge +$1,500 USD)

AVM – PA8.2 Modular Preamplifier w/phono and DAC – $18,785 USD

AVM – MP6.2 Media Player – $9,995 USD

AVM – MA8.2 Monoblock Amplifiers – $31,990 USD

Raidho D2.1 speakers, Shunyata power and interconnects, Stillpoints Double Rack

Also on active display (2nd Room, not pictured) AVM’s CS8.2 all-in-one $14,995 USD, Raidho D1.2 speakers, Shunyata power and interconnects, Stillpoints Single Rack.

by Eric Shook