Auralic – RMAF 2018

There is always something interesting brewing with Auralic at audio shows, this year at RMAF was no different. The digital component and amplifier company partnered with YG Acoustics which is fast becoming something to look forward to as we make our way across the show circuit.

We really got a sense of the big show ponies from YG at T.H.E. Show on the west coast this year in the form of the Sonja XV Jr. but the Hailey 1.2 loudspeakers ($42,800/pair) on display in the Auralic room also fit the bill nicely. The digital magic maker headed by designer Xuanqian Wang was fronting the system with its newly released G2 series Aries Streaming Transporter ($3,899), VEGA DAC ($5,699) and LEO Reference Master Clock ($7,899). With the most recent launch of course, being the LEO Master Clock. There were also a “G2” mono block amps connected to the chain, but Xuanqian let us know that they were put together specifically for these speakers at this show, and will not be released to the public. The monos were just using the G2 casework as a placeholder, so to speak.

As we have seen before, the digital recreation through the thoughtful rig was smooth and controlled as Vanessa Fernandez’s vocals poured out from the track Here But I’m Gone. No digital harshness, no edgy crunchies, just good old sit-back-and-relax natural decay. The whole shebang is deftly controlled from Auralics own Lighting DS app running on an oversized iPad. It speaks well to the components versatility to see it backed by different speakers over the year and still be able to hear that organic transparency across whatever loudspeaker get thrown its way. A fun room to get lost in at any show.