Audioengine and the new HD6 – RMAF 2015


While the Audioengine room may not be the most elaborate setup of the show, it always manages to get it done where it matters most. Excellent sound quality at a reasonable price have always been a hallmark of the company who commands the computer audio market as well as the appealing to the budget audiophile and first timers. Their now classic A2+ and A5+ powered speakers could be found throughout the show in various rooms, including the new “entry level” exhibit rooms on the 2nd floor of the Summit tower. What was new and shiny for RMAF this year however, was a pair of new active speakers that included more combined features than Audioengine has previously released in a single model.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

The new HD6 combines the efforts of the company’s B1 bluetooth receiver and powered desktop loudspeaker in a new furniture-finish cabinet. Internal bluetooth connectivity was previously available only in the Audioengine’s B2 all-in-one bluetooth speaker.


This time around the list of features has grown even more, with input options topping out three. Amplification comes courtesy of built-in class A/B monoblocks. This pair of bookshelves also include a remote control and front facing volume control similar to what has been offered in the company’s A5+ models. Applications for this type versatility give the HD6 range beyond the office and into practically any room in the house. You can expect an analog input for turntables, optical for TV setups and gaming consoles and now bluetooth for mobile and anything else. The HD6 even includes magnetic grills so you can still rock a studio mini monitor look if that is your more preference.


The Audioengine line has traditionally come in white, black or bamboo, depending on the speaker line, but a shiny, car-red has recently been added to the A2+ lineup for those who like to live life on the while side of things. The HD6 will retail for $749 when it become available in mid November.


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