Audeze Introduces The LCD-1 Headphone – Lightweight, Foldable And Under $500

Audeze LCD-1 headphone.

The newest addition to the Audeze family comes in the form of a 90mm driver, over-ear planar magnetic headphone. While the company has been expanding their headphone offerings in various directions over the years, the under $500 category has always been an exciting direction for budget conscious fans.

The drivers are endowed in part by Uniforce technology that Audeze is currently touting. Fazor wave guides are a part of that equation as well, but the the two biggest talking points are undoubtably the portability and the weight this time around. Down to 250g, the LCD-1 in intended for both pro and audiophile consumption with folding capabilities further expanding their practicalities into all kinds of mobile use. The design remains open circumaural, so expect much of the same classic Audeze house sound that has kept the OC-based company as a personal audio favorite for many over the years.

Audeze LCD 1 headphones for pro use.

The new headphone will debut for $399 is currently available to order direct from the company site with expected shipping to start the last week of October.

More info: Audeze LCD-1