Andrew Jones and the Elac Updates – RMAF 2016


While the Elac updates for RMAF were not as big as some of the loudspeaker reveals of previous shows, designer Andrew Jones was still out in full force showing off the company’s notoriously bang-for-the-buck wares. Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2016 was also the first time Mr. Jones was showing with an end-to-end ELAC system which included the company’s upcoming Element Integrated amplifier ($699).


A few subtle updates did make the cut into the room, including an US-first showing of the European-styled Uni-Fi Slim Floorstanding U5 ($1,499/pair). The new slim series offers the same internal volume as the original, but in a deeper and slimmer shape. The refined casework also includes a new finish (either satin white or satin black) which really brings the presentation to another level. This doesn’t come without its cost however, the new fit and finish will run you an additional $500 for the pair. There is similar $500 offering for the U5 bookshelves as well, should your interest be sparked.

Andrew gave us a full rundown in 360 degrees at the show, check out the video below for more details on the new speakers, amp and streamer Elac had on display.

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Jones and the Elac Updates – RMAF 2016

  • October 31, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    Outstanding! I’m really tempted to try the UB5’s in the near field. Wish they offered a higher sensitivity. Watts are plentiful (for me) and cheap for others. Just the dynamics are stunted with the inefficient.

    • October 31, 2016 at 4:24 pm

      The UB5 do require a bit more wattage to sound their best at 4 ohms. 100W felt a little more controlled than 50W.

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