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An Interview With Heinz Lichtenegger Of Pro-Ject

Pro-Ject Turntable. Pro Ject President and owner Heinz Lichtenegger

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any long time audiophile that resurrection of vinyl in recent years has brought with it a whole new host of people into the fold. Newcomers are undoubtedly part of keeping the market healthy and growing, which is why providing great entry points to hifi has always been an emphasis for Pro-Ject’s owner and president Heinz Lichtenegger.

In this week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast, Heinz runs though his enduring love affair with analog and his mission to keep the recent trend going by producing high performance products for beginner and audiophile alike. Of course, the company and brand have grown outside the parameters of a spinning platter these days. They now produce speakers, amplifiers and even digital products. Pro-Ject even manufactures products on the OEM side of things – some of their partners are public, others are not.

Heinz enthusiasm for the hobby is infectious. As he sits down with The Occasional Podcast to talk about the history of the company, it is apparent that at least some of his success in the competitive niche market no doubt springs from his steadfast passion for great sound.

The Occasional Podcast is now working its way though season 4, with interviews from Nelson PassJoseph AudioMBL, and Rob Watts providing interesting highlights from Season 3 and a peek behind the backdrop of high end audio and audio playback in general. One can still download this season’s educational show with TOP’s Beginners Primer To High Fidelity Digital Audio alongside our latest on Two-Way Speaker Design. Fan favorite What Is Mastering? What Happens When An Album Is Remastered? is also still available for download from this season. If you are interested in further exploring the analog realm, the Guide To Buying A Turntable (and records) might point you in the right direction.

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