1MORE Unveils Mag Lev Drivers – CES 2018

Magnetic levitation is usually associated with super fast trains in parts of the world that aren’t the US. But the Las Vegas did get a taste of the tech in a interesting way with 1MORE at Pepcom this year (the show before the show of CES). Mag lev drivers are implemented in the team’s new gaming headphone, with the hopes of producing a more physical sense of low-end rumble – and a little more wiggle room for the diaphragm.

Both the magnet and the 50mm cone are suspended with the technology. 1MORE claims the design offers more flexibility and pits the new pair of cans against the large consumer category of gaming headphones and VR applications. The demo I heard at the show was comfortable. The physical rumble wasn’t overpowering but added to the bass in a deep, almost more visceral way. The headphone is currently available on the company site and on Amazon for $149 retail.

Also on display was the new Triple Driver Over-Ear ($249). No, not the company’s wildly successful Triple Driver In-Ear, bur rather three drivers in an open-back, around-the-ear configuration. This Trip makes its music courtesy of a directional ceramic tweeter for the highs and a 40mm graphine dynamic driver with passive radiator. While not the very first on this front, its clear that 1MORE is looking to push the envelope in development on all fronts at a price that most don’t want/care to play in. You can hear all the finer talking points directly from 1MORE’s David Kellogg from the Pepcon floor in the sound bite below.

The new headphone is available for pre-order via the company site, shipping is projected to start in February of 2018.