12 Brilliant Audio Products on B&H


Sandisk 128GB MicroSDXC

Need a place to store all those DSD and high res files for your AK player? When it comes to storage bigger is always better and like an LCD TV prices continue to fall for the audiophile friendly micro size. In case of the 128GB here, rates are down to a mere $.36 a gig.



Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable

A solid foundation to build an analog system around, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon comes with stainless steel platter bearings and a DC motor to help reduce wow and flutter. The tone arm is carbon fiber and comes equipped with a¬†Ortofon OM10 cartridge and integrated MM phono pre. It even connects to a computer via USB, just don’t tell your hard core audiophile friends.



Audioquest Dragonfly Red/Black

A tiny package with big sound. The Dragonfly series plugs directly into the USB port of your computer and delivers 3.5mm analog output to your stereo or direct to a pair of headphones. The newest generation of these popular DACs has receintly been upgraded with revised internals and, in the case of the red model, a hearty 2.1v on the output. A truly great place to start for better sound at home or even on the go.



10.5″ iPad Pro

The go-to choice for server interfaces at audio shows. The iPad jives well with almost everything audiophile, the newest edition to the ever-updating lineup has a slightly smaller bezel and therefore larger screen at this size. Its the remote control you’ve always wanted, but never needed.



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