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Wrapping Up The Florida Audio Show – FLAX 2020

The Occasional Podcast from FLAX 2020. The Florida Audio Show highlights.

Every audio show has some ups and downs, some highlights and some curveballs. Attendees to the Florida Audio Show or FLAX 2020 were subject to some of the best sounds the high fidelity hobby has to offer. Overall it was a relaxed vibe for the weekend and the extra space allowed between exhibitor rooms made for plenty of walking space, sound isolation and breathing room.

The Occasional Podcast culled the observations of three of our sister site’s (PartTimeAudiophile) event coverage writers in the latest highlight reel from the show. Marc, Dave and Brian walk through the best sounds and gear of the Tampa show. There is even a little introductory interview with one of the FLAX 2020 show organizers Bart Andeer to kick off the episode.

The good news is the drawbacks from the show were negligible and the highlights were sure to delight and entertain any audiophile invested in the hobby. It’s a great testament to a start-up audio show that is only in its second year of infancy. The overall US market appears to be able to sustain another regional show, in an area that lets locals trek a little closer to home base than say… DC. Still some of the majors still attract more volume, but an intimate show is still better than no show at all. It’s also a good opportunity to get together and chat with likeminded folks who share the same passion as you.

The Occasional Podcast is wrapping up their 3rd season, with interviews from Sonus Faber, Joseph Audio, ZMF Headphones, and legendary amplifier designer Dan D’Agostino from Krell providing an interesting highlights from the season and an interesting look behind the backdrop of high end audio.

You can stream it all direct from the embed below or subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform including iTunesAndroidGoogle, Deezer, SpotifyiHeartRadio and more.

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