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TOP Review: Audeze LCD-1 & Rosson Audio Designs RAD-0 Headphones

headphone review of the LCD-1 by Audeze and the Rosson Audio Designs RAD-0. Also Von Schweikert Audio.

The week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast greets us with two headphone reviews of recent and notable open-back designs. The Audeze LCD-1 and Rosson Audio Designs RAD-0 share some similar roots, but diverge steeply on many other subjects (including price).

While the Audeze LCD-1 attempts to tackle the lucrative, but competitive $500 mark for personal audio enthusiasts, the RAD-0 has a more bespoke approach to design and cost. For those familiar with both company’s RAD founder Alex Rosson started working at Audeze and was among the founding cast of the LA-OC based company. His first dip into the market appears at the higher end of the hobby, with most headphones costing around $2,600. A look at his product page gives you a better idea of the custom leanings he has chosen, no two headphones appear at first glance to be colored the same.

The Audeze LCD-1 is unique in its open back, yet portable execution. While some may be quick to point out that open-back bleed isn’t conducive to planes, trains and audio mobiles, the addition of portability really doesn’t hurt anyone in the market for a high performance open back piece.

You can check out all the hands-on commentary for both these headphones on the newest episode of The Occasional Podcast. Also included is a special bonus interview with two outstanding gents from the high-end of two channel. Damon Von Schweikert and Leif Swanson from Von Schweikert Audio dive deep into their knowledge base of loudspeaker design to drop some know-how on us all.

You can stream it all direct from the embed below or subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast platform including iTunesAndroidGoogle, Deezer, SpotifyiHeartRadio and more.

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