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Audeze – CanJam SoCal 2019

Audeze At CanJam 2019
Audeze at CanJam SoCal 2019.

The recent Mobius headphone from Audeze is taking over the world it seems. It’s a gaming headphone that carries with it all of Audeze’s pedigree build and sound quality. The laundry list of features runs deep. Bluetooth, DSP, in-play head-tracking, 3-D audio, etc.

But what peaked my interest at CanJam SoCal 2019 was the new LCD-GX headphone which is an even more extreme gaming headphone in that it carries a lot more of what Audeze is known for in their standard designs. I would say it is built for the few of us (myself included) who are not just gamers, but also audiophiles. After listening to the new ‘GX , I came to the conclusion that it swings hard for the audiophile fences.

The new LCD-GX ($899 USD) is designed for the high-end PC and console gaming market. It is one of Audeze’s lightest full-size headphones, using magnesium housings adapted from the LCD-MX4, which is a $3k headphone. The LCD-GX uses a single-sided driver magnets to keep weight down, and new steel suspension headband to make for a lightweight and comfortable wear. The driver is more kin to the one found in the LCD2 Classic, but voiced more like the LCD2-X. To my ears, it sounds like a true in-betweener. Included is the boom-mic for gaming, but also the standard LCD-series cable — for music listening. 

by Eric Franklin Shook

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