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Zu and Peachtree Audio – AXPONA 2014

Zu Audio Furniture 1

Zu audio is branching out from the full-range driver loudspeaker roots it is known for. The Furniture One is an intriguing system consisting of the Zu Soul coaxial driver and the Submission subwoofer. These loudspeakers are then delicately combined with a furniture piece whose design definitely has a taste for the old school that’s so cool.

The loudspeakers come pre wired and the internal cabinet space leaves plenty of room for your audio goodies. Worried about that subwoofer interfering with your vinyl jam sessions? Don’t be, Zu has it covered  The top half of the cabinet actually floats above the bottom half via powerful magnets. That’s right, it FLOATS. This allows the party to keep a rockin without having your needle (or sensitive electrical equipment) skip a beat.

Rounding out the setup at AXPONA was PeachTree’s new Nova 220SE integrated that delivers 220 Watts into 8 ohms. It also includes the company’s classic tube buffer stage and high resolution DAC, all in one tidy unit. See the video below to hear it all from Mr. Peachtree himself, John Derda.

Loudspeaker responsibilities for the room rested firmly on the capable shoulders of the Zu Druid, now on its 5th mark. Keeping with Zu’s full range sensibilities, the loudspeaker does stand a bit taller than some of the more entry level products of the company. The 10 inch main driver is complemented by a Radian 850 tweeter assembly to help grab the upper most regions of the sonic spectrum. The full rig at the show sounded glorious, with a delightfully surprising low end response for a rig without a subwoofer.





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