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ZMF Headphones Unveils A New Headphone Amplifier

ZMF headphones have been making some waves in the personal audio space with their bio-cellulose headphones, but their newest announcement moves the offering just a little closer to source. Today the company announced a new headphone amplifier called the Pendant ($2k) that sync’s up with the rest of their growing line of headphone wares.

The 3 Watts-into-8-ohm amplifier sports EL84 drivers tubes, 12au/t/x7 input stage, and 6CA4 rectifier tubes to bring the lovely sonics to your ears. For 300 ohm headphones there is a high-z 1/4″ jack where the total output still charges out a full 2.5 watts. Connectivity includes two SE analog inputs and even a pair for out to act as a preamp to add a little tube action to your desktop speaker setup. The exterior taps into that old school, classic DIY look that often reminds me of a little model city of glass, metal and fire.

Sticker price will set you back two large, however ZMF is offering a discount of $200 off full retail if you pre order. Pre order options run July 13th through August 12th with expected shipping for the first units at the end of August.

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