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ZMF Auteur Pre Order Starts 11/10

While quite a few audiophile headphones launch every year, the buildup for ZMF’s latest biocellulose creation has been vetted in an slightly growth-oriented way by its owner Zach for a few months now. On this day (11/9), we now stand on the threshold of a tightly planned launch day release which will include a limited edition blackwood Auteur (100 units) for $1,699, and also a Teak version for $1,399 – both $200 off for the event.

Unusual for the market, orders can be placed starting at exactly 10am central time on the 10th. As a build up bonus, Zach even conducted a preemptive Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) for the headphone of which you can now see the results located here. It all presents itself as fairly well-thought-out strategery by the relatively small operation conceived by Zach only 3 years ago. The growth has been good for ZMF, it wasn’t that long ago that budget restrictions kept their show attendance limited to the local Chicagoland AXPONA where the small company is based out of. This year outreach made it all the way to Denver’s centrally located RMAF, where we caught up with the team and the new headphone.

Interested parties can click through to the pre order page or the Auteur landing page for more details.

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