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Volti and Vinnie – T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

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The Volti Audio and Vinnie Rossi room at T.H.E. Show Newport put out tons of good energy. This includes both sound waves and positive vibes. Things are lighthearted and sound amazing and DJ Vinnie is not only open for suggestions, but knows what sounds good should you tap into his list for a suggestion. That tasteful ear for sonics is clearly reflected in his setups and choices of partners for show room loudspeakers.

Keeping things fresh, this time around Vinnie is paired with the rooming-filling Volti Vittora ($25k w/ELF sub cabinet). The man behind the loudspeaker is designer Greg Roberts. His music makers are built by hand in Benton, Maine and sold direct. The Vittora is a 3-way fully horn-loaded system with an adjustable passive crossover network. Greg is also known for his keen sense of marketing. He has produced some of the largest in-show signage in history with a life size cutout of himself featured in a billboard size advert. Marketing brilliance if you ask me. Now every time I see him it feels like I’m talking to a celebrity.

The cables leashing the entire presentation together were supplied by Triode Wire Labs including their Obsession/Seven Plus/Ten Plus power ($1,299/$540/$399) and American Speaker ($599). The system had a bit of a different feel than the Harbeth’s Vinnie had at AXPONA, but was equally engaging and smooth. Vinnie’s LIO brings a lot to the game. The modular piece is made to order with exactly the features you request. The latest update is a Directly Heated Triode Linestage that peaks out the top of the device like two little warm antlers of tuby goodness.

The LIO at the show was full featured and will run you around $10k for the configuration including a phono stage, Class A/B MOSFET amp (25w/8-ohms) and DSD capable dual mono AKM DAC section. The combination with the Vittora system was buttery and full at the show. The extension downward felt well appropriated and the mids were densely populated with acoustic information. It was good old-fashion fun listening to Vinnie tear through a well constructed set of varying musical genres. I recommend a visit if you are in the area of a local audio show. Both these gents make it a point to get out there and entertain the masses with their consortium of audio fineries.

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