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V-MODA’s Forza Gets Bling and Wireless – CES 2017

The latest V-MODA IEM line just got a little fancier. The 5.8mm dynamic driver In-Ear series recently landed a Hi-Res Audio certification and are securely targeted at the “active audiophile”. The Forza starts at $100 and the CNC’d aluminum Metallo hits at $130. The newest member to the group takes a leap into wireless for $170.

The Forza Metallo Wireless includes noise cancelling through its dual microphones and will, of course, also receive phone calls. The titanium “Traplock” collar allows for more battery space, better wireless connectively and less likelihood of loss for the earpieces – all issues which could attach themselves to any number of wireless headphone releases found on CES show floor. From the press release:

“All other in-ear wireless headphones have a variety of form factors with show stopping compromises or useless gimmicks. They either look like unsightly massive ‘plastic space ring around the collars’, Frankenstein bolts that will not stay in your ears or separate earbuds that are quickly lost, have reception issues and need a dongle or case. Our first in-ear Bluetooth headphone feature a minimal design that can hide under a shirt collar, maximum battery life, enhanced antenna and unrivaled all-day ergonomics,” comments Kolton. “With Forza Metallo Wireless we are unleashing audiophiles with ultimate ergonomics via our unique TrapLock titanium cable refined from dozens of anatomical tests conducted over years.”

The revolutionary TrapLock™ Titanium neckband is a design masterpiece and pushes the boundaries of stylish, fitted minimal design to stay on your shoulders in every angle. A new special nanocoating technology makes the headphones sweat and weather resistant. While water is the arch-enemy of all electronics, sweat is the supreme killer liquid for sport headphones with its unique acidity. Ironically, many of the best water-proof headphones in the market fail sweat-tests.”

Even though it appears 2017 will be the first big year for wireless in-ears, it seems like V-MODA is looking to nip many of the possible issues in the bud preemptively. The entire harness is intended to hide under a formal shirt collar and even utilizes vibration technology for silent alerts from your mobile device.

The second item up for release was the introduction of 3D printed custom caps for the entire series. CEO Val Kolton was sporting a pair of golden lion heads on his demo pair, but a variety of designs are available to choose from in a wide swath of materials. Precious metals are definitely included within those choices: platinum caps come in around $7,500 with 14k gold at $2,500. Those with a love for all things shiny but with lower budgets can still get gold plating for around $250 or even acrylic for $20 when purchased with the headphones.

Val gave me the full lowdown in person at Wednesday’s Pepcom convention which you can view in the video embed below.

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