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Tyll Hertsens Retires from Inner Fidelity

Its been a long trip for Tyll Hertsens of Inner Fidelity. One of the early men on the headphone scene, he helped craft the hobby into what it is today – first as a manufacturer and then as a prolific journalist. He was the measurement guy, and one of the few for years. He was also a joy to see at shows, always a positive attitude and plenty to share with the community in a sometimes competitive industry.

Now the next trip for Tyll is quickly forming on the horizon. Today on the InnerFidelity blog Tyll announced his retirement from the online publication citing several reasons both personal and professional. The top of the article does definitively address that the move is not a result of the recent buyout by AVTech media, but still is perhaps a sign of the changing of more than a few guards at the Stereophile properties. You can check out his final sign-off for yourself, which includes some color as to his future plans as well as the last Tyll YouTube video in the embed below. Farewell kind sir, it has been a pleasure both as a colleague and a friend.  Everyone at Audio-Head wishes you the best on your next phase in life.

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