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Two New Cans From ZMF Headphones, The Verite & Aeolus – RMAF 2018

Hot on the heels of the biocellulose-driver Auteur comes a two new cans from Chicago-based ZMF headphones. Borrowing some of the same circular hard wood look as that headphone, the new Verite and Aeolus made a big splash at Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver this year.

Both units feature new grill designs and lusty gloss finishes. Please note the grills featured in the photos here are only 3D printed prototypes, and likely to be even snazzier by launch. According to the specs from the show handout the upcoming Verite boasts the fastest response and the lowest distortion for any ZMF headphone. These heightened figures are no doubt subsidized by a new beryllium coating on the custom driver, a material fast becoming a favorite of many high end of headphones. Rigid and light, the material has already established itself as a go-to for many tweeter manufacturers within the hifi loudspeaker market. The 50mm driver on the Verite is rated at 300 ohms and is surrounded by a pure magnesium chassis that weighs in around 450 grams.

On paper at least, the headphone leans very much towards the high end, sit-at-home-and-listen style of design while shying away from some of the more portable/mobile themes of the weekend’s product announcements. There is also a clear intent to allow for even more sonic influence from the wood earcup, something that ZMF founder Zach has often produces in a wide variety of options through special editions and limited runs.

The Aeolus is an open-back version of Zach’s TPE-driver Atticus headphone. Design claims push for more listenablity over linearity, along with all the benefits of air and space associated with an open cup.

Pre order for the new Verite starts on November 16th with stock wood options listed at $2.5k ($300 discount for early reservations). The Aeolus’ preorder starts the same day for $1k, then returns to $1.2 afterwards.

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