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Tidal Audio Announces New Flagship Contriva G3 Speaker

Tidal Audio

Always a great listen in the HiFi Show circuit, Tidal Audio just announced a new flagship floorstander to join its upcoming presence at the HIGHEND audio show in Munich, May 18-21. The Contriva G3 Speaker features wide array of exotic technologies including “diamond tweeters, black ceramic midrange, and carbon fiber aluminum woofers”.

If you are lucky enough to make it to Germany this month, you can check out the new floor standers in person in room E118. Specs listed below from the press release:


About TIDAL Audio:
Established in 1999, by Jörn Janczak, TIDAL-Audio GmbH has but one goal – to build the finest audio systems in the world defined as unique masterpieces with timeless sophisticated design and benchmark performance to reproduce music no less than lifelike. Jörn Janczak leads a flagship team of fellow expert engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production staff to assure every detail, every single part, and every step involved in making a TIDAL masterpiece exists free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations. TIDAL masterpieces are known worldwide for meticulous attention to detail, sound quality, and design excellence, culminating 2021 into an exclusive multi-year partnership with Bugatti.

More info: Tidal Audio | Dealer: The Voice That Is

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