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The New K1000 In Town – MySphere 3.1

Over 30 years ago AKG went out on a limb with a totally different concept for a headphone – transducers hidden away in suspended flat panels, with no ear cups to speak of. The AKG K1000 has since become the stuff of audiophile legends until this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest, where one of the original designers Heinz Renner reintroduced another attempt at the truly open design once again.

Flying under the name MySphere 3.1, Renner has overhauled the panel structure for a slimmer profile but most of the original idea remains intact. Augmentations to the angle and throw of the signal can be manipulated for a variety of listening situations and sonic tweaking via the adjustable drivers.

Pre orders for the MySphere 3.1 are currently available and the product is expected to ship close to January of 2018. Expect retail pricing to land around $4k USD. Check out the video interview below to hear it all from Heinz himself at RMAF.


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