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The New Audioengine B1 – T.H.E. Show Newport 2014

Bluetooth technologies made a surprising and unexpected appearance in several products at this year’s T.H.E. Show Newport. With the recent implementation of the APTX codex, sound quality appears to be moving closer to wired and further away from the fuzzy, crackly downfalls of previous wireless connectivity. Enter the new Audioengine B1.

Similar in size and shape to the company’s popular D1 24-bit DAC, the B1 is a standalone adaptor that features bluetooth v4.2 with APTX technology, and an integrated up sampling 24 bit DAC. The estimated range is around 100 ft.

Like the rest of Audioengine’s digital products, the B1 is intended to compliment their well-recieved loudspeaker line including the impressive A2+ we reviewed [here]. Output connectivity includes single-ended, line-level analog as well as digital optical. The new product should be available to the public mid-August and will retail for $169.



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