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The New Audeze LCD-2 Classic and LCD-MX4 – RMAF 2017

Audeze slipped out two new headphones into the market consciousness this month without so much as a PR release. Luckily we were able to catch up with CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest for a bit more of the local flavor concerning two new headphones on the way from the planar magnetic technology company.

The first can is a re-release of sorts for the popular LCD-2 from the company. Hitting November 10, fans of the original Audeze headphone can will be able to purchase the LCD-2C for $599. The 2C (C is for “Classic”) is very similar to the first headphone ever released by the Orange County-based manufacturer and will be sold in an arrangement similar to the first, without the Fazor elements that now accompany their more expensive flagship models. The original was a heck of a headphone, and still is by many ‘a measuring stick. The new discounted rate is a most welcome one for those looking to catch up on the company’s take of fine resolution and rich tonal flavors.

The other headphone up for grabs is called the LCD-MX4 ($2,995). This headphone is a reimagining of the LCD-4 with double Fluxor magnetic arrays, but constructed with a slightly thicker diaphragm. As a result, Audeze was able to get the impedance down to a mere 20 ohms for the headphone (vs. 200 ohms in the LCD-4). Intended for a more pro-leaning market, the new product will launch in parallel with a set of free plug ins for mixing and mastering to help enhance playback/monitoring from popular software production tools like Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Q Base.  You can pre order the LCD-MX4 right now directly from Audeze, with shipping expected to start October 23.

More on the MX4 from the Audeze site:

“Powered by Audeze’s patented Fluxor magnets, the LCD-MX4 focuses 1.5 Tesla of magnetic flux on the lightweight 20 ohm impedance diaphragm. It is perfect for use where one isn’t likely to have a dedicated high-powered headphone amp and can be driven easily by a laptop or studio equipment. The LCD-MX4 headphones’ new lightweight design includes a durable magnesium housing with a carbon fiber headband. At 30% lighter than the LCD4 model, the new MX4 is perfect for long mixing sessions and hours of critical listening.”


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