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The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert; Sounds Like A Million – CAF 2018

All parties involved are known for bringing their A-game to every exhibit. Showing the ultra-high-end system that debuted here at CAF exactly one year ago, things now sound better than ever, as the year-long tour has benefited from experience. Along with the new VAC Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier (on static display) living up to its every foreshadowed promises recently at RMAF. The main system here at CAF represents what I feel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This was probably the only room at Capital Audiofest that could have charged a “special exhibit” admission price during the show. The Audio Company brought to CAF for a second time what was arguably a showroom configured with a system that many audiophiles might never experience in their real lives, either specifically or in terms of outright cost. Making it to an audio show near you to see rooms like this should be on your audiophile bucket list. If you know someone who attended Capital Audio Fest  2018, you’ve likely seen system pictures floating around on social media.

Everything about this blue and chrome room screams ultra-high-end. From the sound, to the lighting, to the attendees. Upon entering the room I was waiting for a bouncer to toss me from the room just for not appearing upper class. But that didn’t happen, and wouldn’t happen — it was just a little self-imposed fear.

The best part about showrooms from The Audio Company, is that they appreciate the importance of an after-hours experience just as much the daytime show hours. Greg Weaver of some other audio publication who’s name evades me at the moment, was playing DJ for the evening while we danced merry dances, and sipped sinful libations well past my bedtime.

by Eric Shook


Von Schweikert
– Ultra 11 Loudspeakers – $300,000 pr USD

– Statement 450iQ monoblock power amplifier (four used) – $240,000 USD
– Statement phono stage – $80,000 USD
– Statement line stage – $75,000 USD

– Grandioso transport, master clock, monoblock DACs and network audio player – $124,000 USD

– Kronos Pro turntable with Airtight Opus 1 cartridge – $66,500 USD

Critical Mass
– Equipment racks and amp stands – $164,000 USD (for the complete set)



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