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SVS Shakes The Room – FLAX 2023

SVS Audio at FLAX 2023

There isn’t another experience quite like the SVS room at audio shows. The team at this direct-to-consumer-subwoofer-turned-audiophile-favorite is literally king of the livestreaming wars for hifi, with more social media presence than pretty much anybody else in the game. Standing outside the door, it’s easy to see that a ton of people come out just to see them at this weekend’s audio event – not because the show was there – but because SVS’s social fanfare had corralled them all into the Embassy Suites Westshore in Tampa on their own muster. And the room always delivers.

On display at FLAX 2023 was not only their well received Prime Pinnacle ($2k/pair, gloss black) but also their new Prime Wireless Pro ($899/pair) for two channel with all the goodies packed right in. I found the move a bold one, and one that reaped a fair amount of reward, as the experience was much more than I think many might have expected given the size. There was no shortage of thrust, control and massive dynamics as we sat and listened to both music and movie demonstrations. After the show and tell, I sat outside the room with my back against the wall talking to the very friendly (and extremely knowledgeable) staff that work the room and brand as a whole. You can check out a clear example of both these lovely personality traits in the extremely popular episode of The Occasional Podcast embedded below (subwoofer integration into two channel systems). Leaning up against the wall, it was seriously evident the impact that was possible with a two subwoofer system. The wall would push in and out slightly with the vibrations – a really capable system in terms of both room pressurization and, ultimately, control.

I heard the setup with dual SB-3000s, but the team at SVS also had a cool Dual Opposing 8-inch 3000 Micro stashed in the corner as well. Full layout of the system per the manufacturer:

“5.2.2 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System – The only demo at FAE showcasing immersive object based surround sound with both movie and music content.
2 x Prime Pinnacle Tower Speakers
1 x Ultra Center Speaker
2 x Prime Bookshelf Speakers (surrounds)
2 x Prime Elevations (Heights)
2 x SB-3000 Subwoofers
Total cost: $6K

Also at the show was the new Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase ($699), which includes all the good connectivity bips/boops and acts as a fully connected wireless streaming amplifier. 150 watts per channel and “WiFi, Apple Airplay 2 for iPhones and iOS, Chromecast for Android phones and other devices, and Bluetooth. Connect directly to your TV via HDMI or other components via Line In, Optical, and more. Control easily via smartphone/desktop app, IR remote, front panel interface, or voice.” I think you get the point. Realistic desktop options tend to get a little thin in the audiophile space, so the inclusion here was a welcome one as something that can give it all without taking all the space on your desk.

If you would like to check out what all the fuss is about, you can find the SVS livestreams on Facebook here (bonus: they do amazing giveaways).

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