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Sonus Faber’s New Little Bookshelf – The Minima Amator II

Sonus Faber Minima Amator II

Two-way designs in the bookshelf form factor can be magical in the right space. It takes a special skill set to deliver optimal near field or low-level listening for an office space while still maintaining some of that angelic high-end sparkle. Sonus Faber makes some of the best sounding flagship floor standers out there, and now they hope to replicate some of that hifi mojo with their new Minima Amator II loudspeaker.

While not the least expensive 6″ speaker out there, the Amator II builds upon much of the stellar industrial design that is utilized in some of their other high-end products. The box is constructed of solid walnut, with a small brass insert found along the bottom ridge in a nod to the company’s design elements we saw in the floorstander Electa Amator III at RMAF last year. The front and back panels covered in leather as well.

The tweeter design is a 28mm silk dome fitted with Damped Apex DomeTM technology, “Paracross topologyTM” crossover design, and custom Clarity Cap ESA capacitors. A die-cast aluminum basket holds a 6″ woofer is made up of cellulose pulp and natural fibers dedicated to the rest of the frequency spectrum. Along with the Electa III, the two sets of speakers round out the new “Heritage” collection for Sonus Faber inspired by some of the Italian company’s classic designs.

Expected ship dates for European markets start in June, with stateside distribution due in July. Retail price for the Minima Amator II is $4k.

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