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Schiit Launches A New Power Amplifier – The Vidar

The long awaited power amplifier by Schiit is ready for prime time. The new amp holds on to much of Schiit’s straightforward aesthetics and is now officially up for sale for $699. Designer Jason Stoddard is calling the new Vidar a “no-excuses” proposition.

“No Class D. No switching supplies. No coupling caps. No DC servos. We’re talking a fully discrete, fully complementary, dual-mono-back-to-the-transformer, power-doubling-into-4-ohms, stereo-or-mono, intelligent microprocessor-managed power amp. Think 100W RMS x 2 into 8 ohms, 200W RMS x 2 into 4, and 400W into 8 ohms mono.”

The class AB amplifier is an interesting proposition given a market where class D topology tends to be the leaning option at this price point. Given Schitt’s large impact in the personal audio space, it will worth keeping an eye out for how everything comes together for this new 2 channel wallet-friendly option. You can check out all the extra details on the site, and as of today the rare-for-Schiit black finish is still available to order.

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