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RHA Wireless IEMs Celebrate 12 Hours Of Playback – CES 2018

A lot of things come in 12. 12 hour day cycles (for the US, at least), collections of baked goods and occasionally a good Scotch. The press invite for CES this year included a “wee dram” and a celebration of 12 with a few native liquors of the same caliber.

On the podium this year was the MA line of wireless collar IEMS. The Bluetooth enabled set of in-ears really showcase how things have progress over the showing at CES just last year. With many designs continuing to duke it out for the prime battery and antenna placement, the collar arrangement gives the most legroom for extended playback times. What is even more impressive is the price remains competitive for a broader, mass market appeal.

The two tier vertical comes in two flavors that cost only $169 for the MA750 and a mere $99 for the MA650. The former will land you the same dynamic driver as the popular wired MA750 and the latter with “custom model 380.1 driver” according to the company website. Both hit you with a rated 12 hours of playback time, enough to take a flight halfway around the world or recover from a mild hangover in your 30’s.

The entire RHA line remains substantially robust, with IEMs across many costs, tech and even an amplifier (DACAMP L1, $300) thrown in for good measure. The most basic model, the S500 costs $39. Its an approach that knows where it stands and doesn’t attempt to be too many things to an audience far too wide. And for those who may have not spent much time on the other side of the Atlantic, Google brings up the term small for “wee”, and a small drink of whiskey or other spirits (often used in humorous imitation of Scottish speech) for “dram”.

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