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PlanterSpeakers and Groove Tone by Intelligent Audio Products – CAF 2018

Groove Tone Amplifier

You will be charmed, you will be seduced. The PlanterSpeakers from Intelligent Audio Products are not a gimmick, nor are they to be underestimated. From planters (obviously) to side tables, and new for this year table lamps (made for Sonus and surrounds), one of the most enjoyable and emotionally engaging exhibits I’ve gathered from the first day of the show, was in this hallway of the main floor.

It’s common for audio show planners to allow static exhibits (or the more quiet ones) to set up and display in the hallways. What is uncommon is for A) me to stop and give them my unhurried attention, and B) for them to play music loud and well enough that I find it necessary to take perch and listen for a song or five.

As my friend and fellow audio “journalist” David Blumenstein said about the PlanterSpeakers exhibit. “This embodies what the audio show should and could be. A comfortable set of chairs, a glass of bourbon, and enjoyable music.” It should be of note, we (or I) supplied our own bourbon.

Two sets of floor-standing (or patio-standing) speakers were on display. Each pair almost identical in driver complement and sonic abilities, but differing in practical integration. One set served dual function as speaker and side tables — the other served as both speaker and plant-stand. Say it with me now “patio-standing speaker plant-stand.”

Everything was powered by Intelligent Audio Products other product line of electronics, named Groove Tone. All hybrid in design, the tube stage offered some of the most warm and rich sound of the hallways. Powerful we know, because there were a few occasions where exhibitors down the hall came out more than miffed at how loud our music listening experience had become.

The epiphany that hit me right in the face while listening to these speakers, is that they sound great. Not just as outdoor speakers go, but even when compared to anything at the show. They are the ONLY true audiophile speakers I can think of for outdoor use. That said, they are also considerably more expensive at $6,000 pr USD — when compared to run-of-the-mill outdoor speakers.

The PlanterSpeakers are what I would expect to see at a mansion of a hollywood celebrity or sports figure. They would definitely be the life of the party at Jay-Z’s house(s).

by Eric Shook

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