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MoFi Electronics Ups Their Game With A New Phono Pre – Munich 2023

Mofi Phono Pre

The new MoFi Electronics MasterPhono preamplifier.

We are massive fans of the MoFi Electronics brand. Being supremely impressed with the output of both their Ultradeck Turntable and the corresponding Ultraphono Phonostage, it was both a bit of a surprise and a secret joy when we found out this week that they are announcing a newer, much more premium priced Mofi phono pre in the $5k range.

Both of the previous efforts in this category were in the sub-$500 arena, and while outstanding performers for the price range, are likely considered still a bit entry level for the uber pricy high-end analog genre. One of the big benefits of the wider space and internal real estate is the solid variety of knobs and switches that make for much better impedance and power adjustments than the usual “tiny switches on the belly” design that is featured on most smaller units.

In addition to adjustment aimed to accommodate any Moving Magnet (MM) or Moving Coil (MC) cartridge, the front panel features a few bopping meters with the matching orange aesthetic found on the turntable power button and MoFi brand color way. More detailed specs can be found below.

The new shiny thing will be on display at the big HIGH-END audio show in Munich this weekend, Atrium 4.1, F126/F127. Audio-Head will not be attending the show in person, but we have a ton of product announcements that we will be covering on the site this week – so stay tuned for all the good news and launches.

MoFi Electronics MasterPhono Significant Design Features: 

Dual-chassis construction that isolates power supply and audio circuits, featuring a separately grounding post for lowest overall system noise. 4 switchable gain settings of 40db, 50db, 60db and 70db. 10 switchable impedance loading adjustments, including a “Custom” via RCA plug on rear panel. Fully discrete circuitry from input to output including fully balanced, DC coupled and servo controlled circuit from the high pass filter to the output jacks. Remote control operation for input selection, gain adjustment, mute, mono operation, meter operation and subsonic filter. Left and Right meters for output monitoring and calibration purposes. Extreme RIAA accuracy of ±0.05db and frequency response of 10Hz–50KHz ±0.20db. Maximum S/N Ratio (A-weighted) of 93dB for MM cartridges and 85dB for MC artridges Dimensions(wxhxd):17×3.5×15.75”/43.2×8.9x40cm; Weight:15lbs./6.8Kg. 

More info: MoFi Phono Pre

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