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MBL, United Home Audio, WireWorld – Florida 2019

United Home Audio

I will never tire of a United Home Audio and MBL system. There is nothing like the combining of two titans in their respective fields. MBL defines what is (and should be) an omnidirectional loudspeaker. Many try this type of room loading with standard dynamic drivers, but fail to capture the precise imaging and ghostly sound-staging that MBL “spherical drivers” can and do produce at will.

MBL’s Noble Line series of electronics are indeed showstoppers. Their N11 Preamplifier, N15 Mono Power-Amplifier, and N31 CD-DAC. All-together they are a formidable army of sound; the N31 CD-DAC reads more like a complete digital audio management system than just a single chassis CD player and DAC. Limitless connectivity and smart control of connected devices, the N31 bypasses where needed to incorporate all of your digital sources with the best DAC conversion available.

The N11 Preamplifier seems like a timeless piece of gear all by itself, and the N15 Mono Power-Amplifiers churn out 560 watts of 4-ohm power with 36 amps of peak current output.

MBL Radialstrahler 101 E Mk II loudspeakers

The Radialstrahler 101 E Mk II loudspeakers continue to exhibit reference level of control that still leave me stunned. Even though I’ve heard these speakers on MBL’s more esoteric level of equipment, the Noble Line electronics leave nothing on the table in this pairing.

Wireworld cabling was throughout the system, but also of note is that MBL uses wireworld cabling for the internals of their loudspeakers as well. So it is of no surprise that they would be the ideal fit for this exhibition.

United Home Audio  

– Ultima 4 Reel-To-Reel Tape Deck – $30,000 USD


– N31 DAC/CD Player – $15,400 USD

– N11 Stereo Preamplifier – $14,600 USD

– N15 Monoblock Amplifiers – $17,800 ea USD

– 101E Mark II Radialstrahler Loudspeakers – $70,500 USD

Wireworld cabling throughout (and through-in)  

by Eric Shook

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