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LampizatOr, Von Schweikert, MasterBuilt – Florida 2019

LampizatOr, Von Schweikert, MasterBuilt - Florida 2019

LampizatOr had plenty of new product on show here in Tampa. Firstly, their new amplifier the Pacific A300 ($16,000 USD). Although being driven with a VAC Preamplifier in this system, many questions have to be asked. Is it an integrated? Is it a power amplifier? It’s both. Features of the amplifier include 300 watts per channel of Class A/B power output, 0.45v input sensitivity across four inputs. Each input allows custom configuration and labeling on its large OLED display, but don’t fret — there is dimming. Construction is typical LampizatOr, which means overbuilt, overpowered, and designed to meet sonic challenges effortlessly. To add further hype to the fire, there is a 500 wpc version also available.

Also on show from LampizatOr was their new Golden Gate 2 DAC ($15,000 USD) which by my own observations, seems to be a simplified two-chassis version of the original Golden Gate. Any way you slice it, the Golden Gate 2 was driving all the tubey goodness it could with LampizatOr’s Super Komputer ($6,900 USD) music server delivering the digital source.

Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor E3 MkII Loudspeakers (starting at $8,000 USD – $10k as shown in piano black) rounded out the system. Overall, the system had a pleasant glossy sound. Most impressive was how controlled and large the system presented the bass notes. Give nod to the speakers and power amplifier on hand. At some point I had to remind myself that we were indeed listening to digital, but then again, that’s what I expect from a good tube DAC and preamp — smoothing of the edges. Reference Cabling by MasterBuilt and Audio Rack by Critical Mass.

By Eric Shook

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