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Isotek Updates The Aquarius Power Conditioner to V5

IsoTek Aquarius Power Conditioner V5 front

Today the UK-based company IsoTek unveiled the newest generation of their Aquarius Power Conditioner. Entering into its 5th iteration, the Aquarius offers 81,000A of instantaneous protection and 40,000A of continuous protection, alongside six independent power filters and a thermomagnetic breaker system. More details available in the press release below.

IsoTek, the industry leader in power optimisation devices for AV systems, has launched the new V5 Aquarius power conditioner. It is the first model that is part of an all-new generation of power products from the UK-based company. 

The V5 series benefits from IsoTek’s 20-years of experience as a power component specialist. Every element has been carefully considered, questioned, and ultimately, improved. The upgrades result in the V5 Aquarius delivering absolute power and unrestricted current delivery within the confines of energy company and regulatory limits.

One of IsoTek’s goals with the V5 generation is to reduce DCR (Direct Current Resistance), bringing resistance closer to the zero-ohm ideal. Methods to dramatically improve DCR have been applied throughout the V5 design. The new circuit delivers a 40 % increase in current over the previous generation, a considerable upgrade that enhances performance when connecting high-current amplifiers.

Key improvements and features of the new V5 Aquarius. 

Copper on the PCB has increased by 35 % to improve amperage and decrease resistance. 

The sequential protection circuit has increased to 81,000A of instantaneous protection and 40,000A of continuous protection.

IsoTek’s thermomagnetic breaker system offers an increased contact area 1,000 times greater than a standard fuse. V5 Aquarius incorporates two thermomagnetic breakers: 16A for the two high-current sockets and 6A for the four medium-current.

The V5 Aquarius contains six independent power filters in a single chassis: two for high-current devices and four designed specifically for preamplifiers, sources and network components. Multiple isolated power cleaning networks dramatically reduce Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination between output sockets.

A new ‘System Link’ output allows multiple IsoTek devices to be connected to create a customizable and scalable power conditioning solution. All connected devices maintain a star ground reference for the highest performance. 

The new V5 Aquarius is $2,995 USD, including a high-performance Isotek Premier power cable, and starts shipping in the US and Canada in November. 

More info : IsoTek Aquarius Power Conditioner V5

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