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High End Gets A New Pair Of Speakers With The Swiss-Made Stenheim Reference Ultime Two

Stenheim Reference Ultime Two

Switzerland is more than just coco, multi-functional knives and watches… they also have their fair share (or more than their fair share perhaps?) of high-end audio. Today the Swiss company Stenheim announced their newest pair of speakers in what has to be the most password-protected PR announcement we have ever received. But not to worry, fresh from the vault is all the glorious details on the new Stenheim Reference Ultime Two, a floorstanding speaker with  2×12” woofers, 2×6 1⁄2” midrange and 1x 25mm tweeter per box.

You might check out all the specs below for some impressive engineering feats, even if gazing upon a speaker at this price range is merely what the marketers call “aspirational” for you. More from the press release:

Conceived and built entirely in Switzerland, the new Stenheim Reference Ultime Two speaker offers the proven design approach, components and materials used so successfully in our Reference Ultime models, in a more compact product that is easier to accommodate.

Like all of the existing Reference models, the Reference Ultime Two is a full d’Appolito design, with an off-set symmetrical driver layout. Internally, the similarities continue, with the passive crossover sharing the same essential electrical characteristics and quality as our existing designs.

Rather than the two, rear-firing bass units of the existing Reference Ultime models, it employs a pair of rear-facing laminar flow reflex ports (similar to those developed and so successfully used in the Alumine Five models), to load the front-mounted 12” drivers.

STENHEIM Reference Ultime Two

With the Stenheim Reference Ultime Two speakers, you will rediscover the sense – and sensation – of live music. You will hear the vivid colours and vibrant energy in that music: the structure and beauty; delicacy and power; the musician’s sensitivity; their emotional and physical response to the music’s demands.

This is audio performance that honours the musical performance, a listening experience that captures the energy and atmosphere of a live concert, that encapsulates the excitement and emotional response of a live audience.


High-sensitivity Reference Ultime loudspeaker system
Full d’Appolito array with 2×12” woofers, 2×6 1⁄2” midrange and 1x 25mm tweeter
Massive aluminium cabinet with six independent, internal chambers.
Sealed chambers for each midrange, the tweeter and crossover
Separate bass chambers loaded with rear-facing laminar flow ports
Passive three-way crossover, using audiophile grade components, sealed in an airtight chamber
Frequency response: 25Hz to 35kHz
Sensitivity: 95dB, half space
Power handling: 400 WRMS, 800 W peak
Minimum recommended amplifier power: 30 W
Nominal impedance: 4Ω
Dimensions: H1535mmxW368mmxD505mm
Weight: 231 Kg each
Warranty: 5 years

The Stenheim Reference Ultime Two is available this week and retails for $150,000.

More info: Stenheim Reference Ultime Two

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