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Focal Partners With Bentley – The New Radiance Headphone

Focal for Bentley Radiance Headphones

For hard core fans, brand partnerships and special edition products can be a real treat. When Star Wars partners with clothing lines, everything from Han’s jacket from planet Hoff to Boba Fett inspired Adidas fly off the website shopping cart with the speed of fully functioning hyperdrive. For audiophiles, luxury brand Bentley recently partnered with Focal for the SE Radiance Headphone and Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition.

The new headphone from Focal was designed and made in France, like much (if not all) of the hifi manufacturer’s products. Bentley-licensed and closed-back in design, the Radiance touts upscale materials and Focal’s “M” shaped dome driver in aluminum/magnesium construction. Talking points from the press release:

Every aspect is optimised for a luxurious listening experience. For example, Radiance earcups are finished in soft, breathable Pittards gloving leather, for incredible comfort. Pittards has been crafting leather in Somerset since 1826, with its ultra-soft yet durable designs used by everyone from fashion houses to round-the-world yacht racers and the military; Spitfire pilots wore Pittards gloves. Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones can be enjoyed at home or on the move. They come beautifully packaged, complete with extras including a bespoke carry case, finished in the same woven material featured on the speaker grille of the Naim Mu-so for Bentley Special Edition. Further Bentley styling cues include the copper accents, while the recurring lattice pattern is showcased on the earcups, the cable connections and on the underside of their sumptuous padded headband.

To further support the partnership, Naim is also producing a Bentley Special Edition of their 2nd gen wireless speaker system Mu-So.

This Special Edition is the first ever Naim Mu-so to feature a wooden finish. It is crafted from Ayous, a sustainable African hardwood, which is then expertly stained and repeatedly lacquered to give a dramatic, dark finish unique to this system. Other standout features include an exclusive smoked plinth, copper-threaded speaker grille and the signature Bentley lattice design surrounding the tactile volume dial, which illuminates to your touch.

The Focal for Bentley Radiance Headphones will become available in October for $1,299, with the Naim Mu-So system retailing for $2,199 around the same time period.

More info: Focal | Naim

Case for the Focal For Bentley Radiance Closed-Back Headphone

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