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Echobox – CES 2016


Fresh off of an Indiegogo campaign, IEM and DAP manufacturer Echobox brought along their current lineup of offerings to CES. Their space was nestled closely against a far wall in the South Hall of the LVCC, but the vibe was lively and you can really feel the passion from the company’s representatives Sam and George.

The Echobox digital player is called the Explorer X1 ($499) and is easily identifiable among the growing throngs of DAPs by its unique flask-shape casing. The android-based platform is supported by a Burr Brown PCM1792 chipset and supports lossless codecs and Tidal lossless streaming.

Echobox is also currently producing a matching pair of universal fit in ears called the Finder X1 ($199). The housing is constructed from solid titanium and features a 9.2mm dynamic diaphragm. On board accessories include a trio of frequency adjustment filters and a partnership with Comply foam ear tips.

The guys were also showing off a prototype of a new pair of in-ears that didn’t quite have a name just yet. The new product should rest a bit above the current model in terms of pricing and also features an interesting rubber nub to help with fit.

The oval extrusion is intended to fit against the ear and help support the earpiece in an upward motion, which should alleviate some of the pressure and weight against the ear canal as it holds the IEM in place against gravity and cable pull. No confirmed street date yet for the earphone, but expect more information to become available later this year.

There were even more interesting developments coming from the team which should be made public in the near future so keep an eye out for the company if you happen to play often in this section of the personal audio sandbox.

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