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Dekoni Audio – CanJam SoCal 2019

Dekoni Audio Earpads

Known for their headphone ear-pad replacement kits, the NEW Nuggets are something to get excited about. One thing I’ll say about them, is don’t eat them. They may qualify as vegan, but these Nuggets are not as tasty as other vegan fare. The Dekoni Audio Nuggets are instead used to augment traditional or existing headphone headband padding with a vegan leather wrapped foam, and small design to either blend in with existing headband padding as a supplement or as a group or (pack) of nuggets to replace padding all-together. I tried them, they rock.

Also showing were a flock of headphone ear-pads which using custom designed fenestrated pads that can help refocus and tune your existing headphones to either differentiate their sound, or possibly correct a problem in the sonics. There is not right or wrong sound, so think of the Dekoni ear-pads as a way to improve or add flavor to the cans you already own. Along with being a great replacement option vs OEM.

While at the Dekoni Audio booth I had the chance, along with all show-goers, to try various headphones with different style ear-pads. Sheepskin ear-pads were some of my most favourite, on the HD800s but when going from sealed to fenestrated, I wasn’t sure which one to pick in the end, because both yielded fantastic results.

Having a velour option (or even hybrid velour) for the Audeze cans was nice, as I’ve found them to run a little warm on my head. The velour option was super comfortable, and gave me no arguments in the bass region. So I was happy to see them on the table.

by Eric Franklin Shook

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