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Daedalus, Linear Tube Audio, LamizatOr, WyWires; All Reference – CAF 2018

This is a system I could listen to every day and twice on Sundays. Which is exactly what I did at Capital Audiofest. On Friday, I poked my head in for a listen, Saturday, much of the same. Sunday morning I was there first thing to gather some final impressions of the system and snap some photos when I was called away for an urgent show-going responsibility. So I finally return on for my “twice” listen on Sunday, along with some photos — and I am noticing as the show is winding down, that the Daedalus, Linear Tube Audio and LamizatOr room is still rather busy.

Showrooms that make a lasting impression always have listeners flocking the seats. Today’s Sunday experience was no strange occurance. As I am taking photos in between demonstration tracks, I notice that this entire system is reference level offerings from all parties involved.

The Zeus Loudspeaker is the statement offering from Daedalus’ Apollo 10” line of speakers. It being shown here at CAF in Maple with an ebonized walnut base cabinet. These dule cabinets do a myriad of things to increase the performance of the loudspeaker, and I urge you to read up more on their website as I think Lou does a better job of explaining all the benefits. Just know that the speaker stands 74” tall, is 99db sensitive when measured at 1 watt / 1 meter, and is impedance flat at 6-ohms.

The new LTA microZOTL Preamlifer is an updated and refined sound circuit, which takes the existing microZOTL circuitry to a true reference level. Not do be outdone however, the preamplifier is flanked by two of the LAT Ultralinear Power Amplifiers which are solid state, but with David Bernings tube realism sprinkled inside. In stereo each is cable of 20 watts per channel, but the duo as used here at the show in mono — 40 watts per channel.

LampizatOr was showing off their crowning achievement in digital music with their Pacific DAC and Super Komputer server combo, the server being an i7 based design with custom and proprietary power delivery and filtration hardware systems, along with a unique custom software operating system. A pairing for those who demand the finest in digital reproduction.

The System

– Zeus Loudspeakers – $33,500  USD
– DiD-SPK Isolation Devices (for speakers) – starting at $80 ea USD
– DiD Isolation Devices (for electronics) – starting at $480 pr set USD

Linear Tube Audio
– LTA microZOTL Preamplifier – $4,450 USD
– LTA Ultralinear Power Amp – $12,000 USD

– Pacific DAC – starting at $25,500 USD
– Super Komputer – starting at $8,000 USD

– Diamond Series Interconnects – starting at $4,495 USD
– Silver Series Power Cords – starting at $429 USD
– Diamond Series Speaker Cables – $7,999 USD
– Power Broker AC Distribution Box (partnering with Daedalus) – $2,495 USD
– Platinum Series Digital Cables – starting at $899 USD

by Eric Shook

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