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Comply – AXPONA 2015


AXPONA’s Ear Gear eXpo wasn’t all just headphones, amplifiers and DACs. Anyone who has read one of our In Ear Monitor reviews knows how much we stress the importance of a good fit and appropriate tip selection for IEMs. Comply’s display in the EGX area showed off the company’s surprisingly deep line within a very targeted, niche product.

There are significant differences between foam and silicone tips for universal fit IEMs. Both have their advantages, but foam tips from my experience usually offer up more of the all-important noise isolation than their rubbery counterparts. The Comply line is broken down into several options with snappy marketing nomenclature. Sport starts at around $9 for three pairs and offers an upgraded model with a sweat guard. The Isolation series looks like the size and shape you are probably most familiar with. It starts at around $15 for three and comes with a step up model that includes a wax guard. The Comfort series is the model pictured above (~$17/3). It is a little rounder than your typical tip and also can come with a wax guard. The top model is called “Professional” and is a little bit longer in stature and provides maximum isolation for around $18.

Being a product that will inevitably get worn out over time, any regular user of a universal fit IEM will eventually have to seek out more tips. With the recent trend towards universal fit IEM flagships (like the Noble K10 and JH Audio Layla from Astell & Kern) premium tips are becoming even more important to accommodate the top performers in the category.

Comply offers tons of variation and customizations can be made to get the right fit on your earpiece as well as in your ear canal. You can check out their website for all the details:

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